Why Solar?

Solar is clean, sustainable energy that saves you from having to buy energy from the power company and even allows you to sell energy back to the power company when you have more than you can use. There are also several rebates, incentives and tax breaks available, making solar a great return-on-investment option for home and business owners.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is radiant energy from the sun. More energy falls onto Earth from the sun in one hour than what the world uses in one year! Let us help you turn that energy into usable energy.

Added Value

The average homeowner can increase their home's value by $20-$30,000 by adding solar. There are many incentives & tax programs available as well!

Sustainable Solutions

Solar panels provide clean energy that can last for up to 25 years; it is even possible to realize a net gain, especially if your home is empty for much of the day!