Harness the Energy of the Sun

Harness the Energy of the Sun

Save big with a solar panel installation in Vancouver, WA

No energy source is more reliable than solar. As long as the sun is shining, you'll be able to source the cleanest form of energy. With over 20 years of specialized experience, Pacific NW Solar offers solar panel installation services for individuals and businesses in and around Vancouver, WA.

With a passion for renewable energy, our solar contractor excels at providing excellent workmanship and superior customer service. During your solar panel installation, we'll:

  • Provide a thorough assessment of your property
  • Handle the permitting and city inspections
  • Carefully install your new solar panel system
  • Connect your solar system to the power grid
  • Activate your system so you can start saving

Most installations take two days, but the timeframe may vary depending on your particular property. Call now to speak with an experienced solar contractor in Vancouver, WA.